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What is the Gypsy Cool Community?

In these days of economic hardship when a few rich Wall Street plutocrats and their henchmen have ripped off a huge chunk of the wealth and paid up capital of Americans, the poor and middle class folks have been been pounded into economic oblivion. A cruel government has allowed millions of folks to be foreclosed and evicted from their homes. Stupid politicians have made it hard for industry to stay at home, and factories and their jobs have gone overseas. This has created an unprecedented crises of homelessness. With no homes or jobs, millions of Americans have hit the streets, many literally sleeping on them.

That is what has created this community. We, like millions of our brothers and sisters, moms and dads, are now forced into a different life-style to survive. It is an old word with a new twist: we are gypsies, more specifically, Urban Gypsies.

We survive in the cities and towns across this once-great country. We do not normally move in large caravans like the original gypsies. Too much attention from the police and rotten politicians. We move alone or with one or two 'gypsy buddies'. The word is stealth. Most of us have jobs, we work for a living. But for us, having permanent shelter is out of the question for now. We travel the streets of the big cities, meeting up at designated spots and times for fun and to share thoughts. At night we park in the shadows, on quiet streets. We have learned to live in the shadows, work in the shadows, and play in the sunlight. We call this Gypsy Cool.

This blog is dedicated to helping those who are living in their vehicles. We will give you help in many ways, showing you options to fix up your vehicle, whether it is a car or a van. We will publish stories from other gypsies, sharing their adventures. We will list places that are cool to park and frequent, and warn you away from trouble areas. There's going to be technical details and fun things to talk about. We will share our philosophy and outlook with each other. We are also trying to coordinate some food meet-ups. There is one thing for certain, living in a vehicle either full or part time can be a shock to someone not prepared for it. The amenities of your former life-style in your apartment or house is about to change. It is going to be difficult and sometimes bitterly emotional for some people to accept. But you can do it, there are many, many thousands of us doing it now. We will show you how to do it. There is also another side to all this.

After a time as a gypsy, many will tell you that they will never go back to 'permanent living'. The freedom as a gypsy is a really strong attraction. Freedom and adventure and the thought that you are also striking a silent blow against the rotten bastards who put us where we are is a powerful feeling. Our community will develop ways to show our power as we grow and learn to use new skills.

So welcome, ye homeless urchins, welcome to our Gypsy Cool Community! May ye prosper and have fun and adventures beyond your dreams, finding and loving the other gypsies you will meet!

Uncle Paulie


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