Clever Solar Cooker

Here’s a clever solar cooker made from an old satellite dish. The dish is covered with a reflective foil, and the design of the dish reflects heat from the sun into a small area above it. A pan is suspended from the old satellite arm. It might take you a couple of minutes to get the exact spot that will pin-point the most heat to the pan. You put your food inside the pan, and in a few minutes you will have warm food. Be careful sticking your hand in the center of the dish, it gets hot. You could use a clamp to hold a pan for your food over the dish. This guy has a BBQ brush hooked on the top of the arm. A clever “stove” that could be handy for a campsite, even an urban one. Hey the “fuel” is free!

Photos below

Uncle Paulie

Solar Cooker made from old satellite dish.

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