You Will Be Tiny. You Will Be Happy.

Welcome To The New World Order.  You Are Now A Tiny Human.

by Gypsy Cool

As we predicted, “homeless” has now become the latest big industry for all the greasy Los Angeles political class and their wealthy developer donors.  The new buzz words are “Tiny Homes”.  Understanding this psychological warfare against a hapless segment of the population is important.

Your Happiness Will Be Big

First, the government creates a problem, a big one.  It started many years ago.  There were always small sections of big cities where poor folks lived in “skid row” substandard housing.  The industrial revolution shoved people off the farms and into the big cities.  Then came the 1929 crash and the depression.  People were living in urban areas and could not farm and feed themselves.

After World War 2, the political class in Washington, led by Lyndon Johnson, decided to create The Great Society.  Urban “Renewal” was pushed out and huge parts of inner cities, the poor areas, were gutted.  The plan was to build new housing, which they did, but if you look at the statistics, only around 50% of the units torn down were replaced.  This pushed thousands of people out on the streets.

Living in an old substandard hotel was still better than sleeping on a piece of  cardboard on the street. Nevertheless, the homeless crises was being created.  Immigration increased, bringing millions of homeless into the U.S.  Poor people from other countries poured in looking for jobs.  The major cities began their own “redevelopment” projects, a nifty scam to grab land cheap and let the developers build huge projects that would puff up the property tax revenues.  The losers were the small property owners who were forced to sell their property to the redevelopment agencies, the displaced merchants, and millions more newly minted homeless who were kicked out of the cheap run down hotels onto the pavement.

After the housing crash in 2008, thousands more got the boot from the mortgage scandals.  Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles had thousands sleeping on the streets.  It has gotten so bad in Hollywood that it is hard to find folks who want to go there to shop or work in the fancy office buildings built by the “redevelopment” process.

So the politicians decided to take advantage of it.  The started pushing bond issues, enriching the banks and pension funds who buy the bonds, and shoveling billions to developers to build housing for the homeless.  This became an immediate failure because when 300,000 homeless are pouring across the unguarded borders every month, even China couldn’t build houses fast enough.  The cost of homeless housing soared to about a half a million dollars each, and the lag time to get the land and build the housing was not working.  It was obvious, even to a few Judges.

So the latest PR effort is to build “Tiny Houses”.  Little villages to house the little unwashed leprechauns, the lazy druged up lilliputians of the inner cities. Since the majority of the homeless population has no real political power, they are now pushed into Tiny Villages, into those cute colorful little houses, where they will be happy living under some type of goofy martial law.  Welcome to the New World Order.  You will own nothing.  You Will Be Happy. You will not be a 100 % citizen.  You will not even be 3/5th of a person.  You Will Be Tiny.  Because if you dare to crawl out of your tiny house we will step on you.  We feed you.  We give you medical injections. We give you clothes.  You are Tiny. You are nothing.

This psychological brain-washing, degrading the un-housed humans is now in vogue.  In the donkey states the Marxist Mayors like L.A.’s Bass has abandoned her old failed communist theories and become a mouthpiece for the new 5% Big People who rule the roost. The tragic irony of this is that the cost of building and maintaining tiny homes is so high that it really equals as much as just giving somebody a $2600 a month housing allowance. But then they wouldn’t be Tiny.  And the developers wouldn’t make all that money.  And the politicians wouldn’t have all that power.

The politicians now have huge bureaus with big budgets, the developers are making big bucks and the homeless population gets larger every month fed by a collapsing economy and endless thousands of homeless pouring into the cities every month.  It’s a treadmill roaring faster and faster every year, sucking up billions of dollars of inflationary printing press money.  And you all know where that is going to end.  Eventually, if not sooner.

Check out the detailed report on Tiny Housing.  Interesting that the secretive politicians are even hiding the real costs of their Tiny World.

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