Introduction to Reconstructing Atlantis

Here is Skip’s Introduction to his Latest Book, Reconstructing Atlantis


An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

– Orlando A. Battista

Ok, so you succeeded in tearing down the New World Order. Wall Street is now a bombed-out pile of rubble, left intact as a monument (and warning) for future generations. So is Washington, DC – after it was pillaged and mini-nuked. The remains of state capitols and federal buildings have been bulldozed and scenic parks built in their place. All the huge exploitative corporations were selectively obliterated – there wasn’t enough left of Monsanto or Nestlé to put in a Roach Motel. Every banker that didn’t take a flying leap out of a penthouse window ended up in some obscure prison hellhole, or worse. Special cells were constructed at the abandoned illegal Guantanimo facility for the British “royal” family, most corporate CEO’s and national presidents, George Bush (junior and senior), George Soros, ex-Lord Jacob Rothschild, and a few other select psychopathic despots (Dick Cheney had an unfortunate hunting mishap). Many of the guests there had totally random “accidents” like excessive laxatives in their food, anvils dropping on them Roadrunner-style, or waterboarding malfunctions. It couldn’t happen to nicer people. All the enormous wealth was seized from these dinosaur Elite criminals [around $2 quadrillion] and used for general repairs, new construction, and worldwide technological updating; while the surplus netted everyone on the planet a cool check for $125 million each. Now $10 million is considered the new planetary poverty level, but without the manipulative control of the now-evaporated Federal Reserve and World Bank. The Elite’s extravagant mansions and properties were also seized, and are now occupied by thousands of homeless people. Several Rothschild and Windsor mansions have so many residents that they’ve declared themselves cities. Both of the NSA’s 1984-style intelligence data-collection centers were specifically vaporized to digital dust. Police departments had all their rotten apples excised and their integrity restored [yes, it’s actually possible]. Area 51, purchased by a group of Silicon Valley nerds, is now the most popular amusement park on the planet because of their antigravity rides. The military, which made sure the country didn’t get invaded by China, Russia or Israel when it all went down, quickly rescinded its light form of martial law, since the Purge was done with their assistance [and blessing]. They even recalled all their troops stationed throughout the world (except those on leave); there was really no reason for global occupation any more. The Great Purge was a well-coordinated simultaneous worldwide effort, so this is the general social condition everywhere. Planet Earth’s old, rotten lingering cancer has been surgically removed very nicely, and the patient will definitely live a long and happy life without the meddling of those psychopathic dinosaur Elite fossils.

So what do you do now?

Historically, it seems that people have always been more concerned with the idea of tearing down an obviously-flawed system, rather than what actually happens once you do that (this happened during the Sixties). The problem is to rebuild society into something that can actually function properly for the majority of the people (face it, you’ll never please everyone), is reasonably adaptive to changing social conditions, and can’t be turned against its citizens later on.

Here are some suggestions for rebuilding society now that the dinosaur Elite are steaming wormfood. After centuries of ignorance, exploitation, violence, and completely unnecessary human misery, it’s time for all of humanity to get its shit together [for once] and work toward a common future that includes hope for every person on the planet. Everything we need is right here, and now’s the perfect opportunity to get it done right. So just roll up your sleeves and do it.

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