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Underground author Skip Rorshach Freedman has the Practical Living trilogy of books.  They were written to inspire and empower the 99% of humanity who are being robbed, exploited and oppressed daily by the psychopathic dinosaur Elites.

On the Road May 2017.  Hi everyone, I thought I would let you know of some interesting things to check out.  First, I’ve been coordinating with and my publisher Jasmine Publications to start a promotion campaign for the three books.  Go to the “Books for Gypsies” page on the top menu to get detailed information on each book and where to order them.

Second, I did a radio interview with one of the Gypsy Cool reporters.  This will be uploaded to the site very soon I am told.

Third, I’m now on Twitter with the GC tribe (using their account for tweets)  Follow us on Twitter @gypsy_cool. My tweets will be signed “SF” or “Skip” at the bottom.  You can also send an email to  If you want me to read something put To Skip at the top and they will send it along to me on the road somewhere in America.

And finally, I’m told that a new post is going up that will have the names and addresses of the big Elites and Corporations who are having fun trying to run the world.  Conspiracy researchers will find this material interesting and informative.

Remember to start everyday with a smile.  Gypsies and Van tribes are free folks, with a spirit that goes back to the earliest tribes on planet earth.  It’s the Cube Dwellers who should be pitied.