Books For Gypsies

The Practical Living Trilogy

by Skip Rorshach Freedman

BOOK 1:  Gypsies of the New Millenium

Front Cover

A straightforward, no-nonsense manifesto on living the nomadic underground life. Clearly maps out the current insanity of today’s world situation while offering invaluable tips on food, health, security, money, van living, and dealing with cops. Gets you well on your way to dropping out of this oppressive system, then lists over 1,000 additional books where you can find everything else you need to help weather these uncertain and chaotic times in the urban mini-police states of today.

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Book 2:  Enema of the State

Enema of the State: Practical Resistance Against a Corrupt and Criminal System exposes the hidden aspects of the world’s current problems: the thieving and manipulative banking system, politics in general, the menacing intelligence community, controlled Fake News mainstream press, Big Business, and the continually-expanding police state. It offers up realistic ways to resist (and potentially even tear down) these offending institutions, plus also gives you more great tips on dealing with cops and other irritants. Going beyond Gypsies of the New Millennium, this book is packed with useful factoids and amazing revelations, and has a massive bibliography for further reading. It also gives names and addresses of the major entities that are contributing to the destruction of our planet and its quality of life. The Rothschilds, Windsors, Rockefellers and other dinosaur Elites are blatantly exposed for the psychopathic parasites they are. In an insane world of manufactured atrocities and illusions, this will show you exactly how the world really works while empowering the 99% with knowledge to do something about it. You can handle the truth.

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Book 3:  Reconstructing Atlantis.  Suggestions for the Practical Rebuilding of Society

Reconstructing Atlantis: Suggestions for the Practical Rebuilding of Society is the final book in the Practical Living trilogy and takes place at an unspecified time in the near future. It looks back at the results of the Great Purge, when humanity rose up and crushed the New World Order by defeating the dinosaur Elite overlords and others enslaving the world. His recounting of the creative way these parasites and their lackeys were dealt with should prove to be hopeful and entertaining. Skip then offers some suggestions on rebuilding society into one that actually works (unlike the present one) and can be beneficial and livable for everyone. Covers topics like government, society, money, food & water, health, spirituality, education, legal, and business. Like the other two books in the series, it lists a huge bibliography for further reading. A unique perspective on a very possible future timeline.

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