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  1. I wish I had found this site sooner! We have been living in our semi in Redding California for almost 2 years. We lost our house in 2010 after a family tragedy ended in job loss. We have a 6 year old boy but still no one has offered any help. The wait lists for housing assistance are about 5 years long! The police here a a NIGHTMARE! I have been harassed repeatedly by Redding police and fear arrest on a daily basis! It is nice to see a website that offers practical information!

  2. I cant say that Im glad to see that im not the only one that is having the same issues, but has anyone came across a safe haven in Los Angeles? I have two boys and me and my wife are forever ducking cops, because they hate Rv’ers for some reason. please anyone please throw me some info, maybe someone you know has a spot in their backyard that i can rent out, or a business that has a gate around in, private gated area; very willing to pay! currently in the north Hollywood area. please email me

  3. Regarding the aluminum can scandal, the last post I saw was 2019/early 2020. Was was the outcome of all that? Was anyone ever charged for fraud? And what happened to all the money collected? There should be a paper trail to follow to see where it all went.

    • The State keeps piling up the money, a couple hundred million last I heard. They still charge the deposit and don’t give much back. They bribe the local cities like Santa Monica by letting S.M. pick up all the recycled bottles and cans for free. I assume that the City then sells them to the state. They must be using a third party because their big recycle yard was shuttered before the pandemic. In other words, the City picks up the blue recycle bins and turns over the bottles and cans to a third party who then sells them to the State. It should all be investigated. It is a huge fraud on the consumer.

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