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Alphabetical List of Stories and Major Articles

Note:  This list does NOT include all the “How To” articles, new gadgets, camping gear, or video links, etc.  Have some fun scrolling through the Archives. To access these articles, GO TO the little Archives Box on the right Menu.  Click on Arrow and scroll down to the month you need.  This scrolls back to the first posts we made on the blog.


82 year old man removed from park for giving haircuts to homeless – June 2013

A Look Back to 1965.  A Dancer customizes a Dodge Camper Van – July 2012

A Visit to Slab City – The Future of Civilization? by Skip Freedman – January 2017

American Gypsy Woman,  with video links to 3 part videos – August 2012

An Ode to Homeless Folks – Poem by Julie Webster – January 2014

Camping at the North Fresno Walmart by Skip Freedman – May 2014

Coconut Revolution – Inspiring Documentary – January 2016

Couch-Crashing in Los Angeles. Forced Homeless, teacher survives in storage unit …March 2013

Create Overnight Parking Lots Now – November 2015

Desert Gypsies in 1950 – November 2012

Enema of the State – Skip Freedman’s new book, detailed review – September 2016

For Seniors, Some Great Programs – January 2017

Gallery of Missing “Crusty Punks” – October 2012

Garcetti Named “Scoundrel of the Year” for “War on Pillows” – January 2017

Governor Brown Rejects Plea For State of Emergency Declaration, Homeless Crises – March 2017

Health Issues for Urban Gypsies – October 2012

Hollywood Homeless May Face Starvation – September 2013

How to Disappear in America – July 2012

How to Live in Your Van – A detailed review of Skip Freedman’s “Gypsies of the New Millennium” – October 2015

I Live in a Bowling Alley – Feature article by “Benny the Bowler” about his new life living in his van. – April 2012

I Was Robot – Earnest Mann – January 2012 – This hard to find book, early pages posted first, so scroll to bottom of Jan to start reading or print it out.

Life and Death in Dirty Dave’s Homeless Camp with video – June 2013

List of Dinosaurs Who Rule the World – May 2017

Los Angeles Area Food Distro – August 2012

Los Angeles Bard Duane Thorin Passes – March 2017

Los Angeles Homeless Capital of America – November 2015

More on Cheap Food – January 13, 2012

Nomadic Food Farms in Pick-Up Trucks – January 2013

Nomads Go Missing From East Village, NY – October 2012

Observations From a Gypsy Cool Brother – October 2013

Squatters Victory in East Village – October 2012

The Homeless Go Underground – March 2014

The Pavement, London Magazine for Homeless – May 2017

Today You, Tomorrow Me – Link from post by Chef Duanio – March 2012

Urban Living on a Roof – March 2012

Why You Need to Organize a Food Circle Now – March 2012