New Saturday Breakfast in Burbank

Burbank Church of Christ Offers Free Breakfast on Saturdays for Homeless/Food Challanged

Burbank Church of ChristThe Burbank Church of Christ now offers a free breakfast on Saturday morning between 8:30 and 10 am.  The location is 2030 W. Burbank Blvd. at Fairview (between Buena Vista and Hollywood Way).  These nice folks were doing this in the past but had to stop for some unknown reason.  Get up early and ‘git’ your bacon and eggs!

4 thoughts on “New Saturday Breakfast in Burbank

  1. Unless things have changed — AGAIN — the Saturday breakfasts have been discontinued, due to lack of funding and lack of volunteers.

  2. For the breakfast on Saturday morning why is the church of Christ have two different dresses on burbank blvd.. 2030 w. Burban $,k blvd and also 3012 w. Burbank blvd. Now which is it?????

    • By the way people , village church is at 12:00 noon , not 2:00 pm, somebody needs to change the info on gypsy cool. Because if they show up at the time listed, they will have missed the meal , entirely ! Just trying to save a few headaches! God bless you all. !

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