Sunday Food Options in NOHO

Church Folk Provide Sunday Lunch

Amelia Earhart Statue at NOHO by Sculptor Ernie Shelton

Amelia Earhart Statue
at NOHO by Sculptor
Ernie Shelton

Here’s some nice food options in NOHO for Sundays, as up to date as I have it.  I’m working on a combined Valley list that should be done shortly.  Any info on Glendale, Eagle Rock, Pasadena area is helpful, please email us.

1st Sunday of each month – 4 pm.  Amelia Earhart NOHO Park. Food provided by a Simi Valley Church at picnic tables.

2nd Sunday of each month – around noon.  Amelia Earhart NOHO Park. Starbucks coffee and a really great lunch provided by the nice folks at First Christian Church of Studio City.  They also distro clothing, and often some musicians show up for entertainment.  If you go away hungry from here it’s your own fault.

Apt 042

3rd Sunday of each month. About 12:30 pm. Baptist Church in NOHO near the park, at Fair and Otsego.

3rd Sunday of each month. Senior lunch at St. Finbar Catholic Church in Burbank, at Olive and Keystone.  I think this is around noon.

Last Sunday of each month, about 1:30.  Amelia Earhart NOHO Park. Usually food brought by good folks from New Life Community Church.

Also on Last Sunday, a group called Angel Hanz comes with clothing and other things for homeless people.

Thanks very much to Ric for the initial info on these, and to Tony and Joe for reminding me to check them out.  Anyone homeless, living in a vehicle, or having difficulty getting enough to eat should come to these events.  Pleasant atmosphere and nice folks.  It is sad to see so many nice folks on hard times, but nice that we can share a meal and give each other support.

Apt 046

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