Health in the Pandemic Decade

A few observations about this situation.  First, the population is under the tyranny of un-elected so-called health officers in various State and local governments.  This cabal has found the fatal flaw of democracy, the complete obliteration of the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, everything gone.  Even the right to refuse an experimental vaccine is gone in some countries.  Many companies demand that their employees get the jab or get fired.  Now we are hearing that employees need to get the “booster” shot or get fired.

Since the Pandemic hit all the gyms were shut down, along with other businesses.  This is hard on nomads and homeless folks who used the gyms to shower, if nothing else.  Now some are open again (many went out of business) but you can’t get in without a vaccine passport in Los Angeles and other cities.

So here are some thoughts:

  1.  Carry a few 5 gallon jugs with you.  Put some liquid soap in one jug mixed with water.  You can use this to wash up.  Then use water from another jug to rinse off.  It’s a mini-shower, and better and cheaper than packages of wet-wipes.
  2.  Since you can’t go to the gym, do your own exercise.  Long walks are also good for you.  Cheap barbells are available.  Keep moving and take your vitamin D3.
  3.  The vaccine passports are a big problem.  Hopefully they will be eliminated.  Meanwhile, we have to cook rather than go to restaurants.  This presents a problem if you are living in a car.  The RVs all have some kind of kitchen.  Car dwellers –  some parks have picnic areas where you can use a portable Coleman stove or something similar.  Fresh veggies and fruit is cheap and healthy.
  4. Stay with your friends and keep a positive attitude.  The evil people who planned this and created the virus will hopefully be punished some day.  Never forget what they have done to us.  Those local collaborators will pay also, we must make sure of that.  I’m looking forward to the coming Medical Trials, where Pfizer and Moderna and J & J face their punishment.  Their past criminal conduct should be taken into consideration.

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