Welcome to Burbank, California


A Movieland Playground and Watering Hole for the Rich.  A Town With a Lot of Churches, but a City of Politicians Who Have Replaced Their Hearts With Wallets Stuffed With Money From Developers.  Struggling Middle Class and Poor Folks are NOT Wanted Here.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Burbank, California

  1. Re: Welcome to Burbank, California. The perfect corporate police state! Remember the early settlers who came here? They showed up, LOITERING around a campfire, SOLICITING help from the Indians, the Church, the Government, while living in TEMPORARY SHELTERS as they built their farms, ENCAMPING in tents and covered wagons while they planted their crops. How soon we forget! Maybe they should change their motto to “City of Meanness”.

  2. Maybe they don’t want homeless here because they take shits outside of the homes that so called rich people have built and have spent their money on. I live in Van Nuys and the homeless are everywhere using the bathroom outside of my property. There should be more Burbanks around. The homeless can have homes too if they stop making excuses and stop spending their money on drugs/alcohol.

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