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  1. Welcome to the new American Way, people. Here’s what can happen when you’re not a good little dumbed-down sheep that mindlessly kisses the system’s bulging butt. More and more cities are trying to make being homeless into a crime. Fortunately I got Skip’s book ‘Gypsies of the New Millennium’ when it first came out and made my wheels super-stealth. Now I live in the belly of the beast safely and for no rent, and even occasionally at their expense. I could even mess with them when I feel so inclined. That’s true empowerment. Thanks, Skip. I just ordered his new book ‘Enema of the State’ and can’t wait to read it. Just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean that you’re powerless. Hear our roar.

    • I’ve been reading Skip’s second book Enema of the State over and over for the past 2 months, trying to absorb the gargantuan amount of information it has stuffed in it. Skip shines a spotlight on these NWO scumbags for all to see. You want the Big Picture on what’s happening in the world today, order this book and prepare to be blown away. Here’s just a sample of the gems you’ll find: The Titanic was most likely deliberately sunk to insure the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The IRS was incorporated in Delaware in 1933, and turns over all the money it collects to the International Monetary Fund – and not the U.S. Treasury. The CIA has assisted in around 30 known governmental coups of countries around the world since it was formed in 1947 (they’re all listed). Nearly everything you see in movies, tv and newspapers are controlled by only six huge media conglomerates. This is just the beginning. And to top it off, Skip lists addresses and GPS coordinates of New World Order think tanks and banks, government agencies, those six media conglomerates, offending multinational corporations, and major properties of the Windsors, Rothschilds and Rockefellers. If you want to Know Your Enemy, get this book, read it, then pass it on to a friend. Enlightenment like this could also make a nice Christmas or birthday gift.

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