Happy Mother’s Day

A Woman on the Street



I have no family, not even a friend

Some days I think that this is the end

The end of a long time of sadness and grief

I was hoping my spell of bad luck would be brief

It’s been going on now for a very long time

There’s no money left, not even a dime

Who can I trust out here on the street

Can’t even depend on my tired old feet

Very few smiles, no looks in my eyes

They leave me alone, they don’t hear my cries

Not even a soul to say a kind word

Or to sympathize with what might have occurred

I feel so alone, no one helps me out

But isn’t caring what it’s all about?

Even a smile would do very well

To help me get through my Holiday hell

–Anonymous poem sent to us at GC.  Photo by uncle paulie of a homeless

woman in a bank alcove in Studio City, CA.

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Very touching. The really sad thing is she’s probably somebody’s mom. And it’s ironic that she’s by a bank, most likely the very people that were responsible for her being that way in the first place. The fact that the banksters cause this kind of thing to happen is completely inexcusable. Think about this the next time you trust your money to those thieving sharks (I sure don’t). You could easily be sharing a sidewalk with her next week because of them…..just change the c to sh.

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