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Vagabonding 101 – Josh shows you How To Live in Your Van.

Also, check out the vagabloggers site as they escape the corporate rat race and travel around the country.

Check out these other videos:

Living in my $60 van:

Also Part 2 Living in my $60 van and Van Carnage

Here’s a really cool video “Living in a Van (Off The Grid).  This video is highly recommended for both its practicality and for its philosophy, which we give a high five to!  This dude has his shit together, we will link more of his vids.

The same dude as above has some serious great vids, check out his video site BugOutVehicles’s Channel.  Here’s an example, his self-contained trailer that’s ready for anything, dig it:

On this vid Gary shares his thoughts on “The Best of the Worst of Times.”  Listen carefully to what this dude is saying, especially if you are in serious possibility of losing your job, your home or apartment.

In “The Day The Darkness Came”, Gary shows us his great RV camper, equipped with solar panel, generator, stove, refrigerator, everything you need to survive off the grid. If you were ever curious about what you would need in a great RV or Camper, check out Gary’s Lance Camper.  He made this vid the day the electric grid shut down in California.  You can bet this will happen again.







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