Sep 13

New Book By Skip Freedman

A New Book By Skip Freedman Has Just Been Released:

“Enema of the State” Reveals Exactly Who Is Behind The Globalist Created Misery


Skip Rorshach Freedman has just finished the second book in his Practical Living trilogy, directly from the road and the urban jungles in the Police State of America. EntitledEnema of the State: Practical Resistance Against a Corrupt and Criminal System, it exposes the hidden aspects of the world’s current problems: the thieving and manipulative banking system, politics in general, the menacing intelligence community, controlled mainstream press, Big Business, and the continually-expanding police state. Skip farts directly into the face of the New World Order and their mindless minions by offering up realistic ways to resist (and potentially even tear down) these offending institutions. And, as usual, he gives us more great tips on dealing with cops and other irritants. Going beyond Gypsies of the New Millennium, this book is packed with useful factoids and amazing revelations – plus it gives names and addresses of the major entities that are contributing to the destruction of our planet and its quality of life. The Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other dinosaur Elites are blatantly exposed for the psychopathic parasites they are. In an insane world of manufactured attrocities and illusions, this is a easy read that will show you exactly how the world really works while empowering the 99% with knowledge to do something about it. You can handle the truth. This book has an extensive bibliography that lists hundreds and hundreds of books for further reading and research, as well as websites.

This book is currently ONLY available through  Go to this excellent book site and order your copy today, only $15 plus shipping.

Also Available is Skip’s First Book:

Gypsies of the New Millenium


A straightforward, no-nonsense manifesto on living the nomadic underground life. Clearly maps out the current insanity of today’s world situation while offering invaluable tips on food, health, security, money, van living, and dealing with cops. Gets you well on your way to dropping out of this oppressive system, then lists over 1,300 additional books where you can find everything else you need to help weather these uncertain and chaotic times.

This handbook covers everything you need to know to live on the edge and survive.  The author, Skip Freedman has lived the nomadic life in his van for over 10 years.  He knows every angle of how to survive in these urban mini-police states.  And by the way, a vast preponderance of folks who live nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyles have jobs and work when they need to.  As we have said on this website, if you have an indication that you are going to lose your job and not be able to pay your rent or house payment, do not wait for the ax to fall.  Do yourself a favor and prepare now.  Get a van, RV, or other suitable vehicle now, and trick it out.  You will be glad you did.

There are thousands of folks in the Los Angeles area who are living nomadic lifestyles.  Most of us work, but we were tanked by the economic collapse that started in 2000 that wiped out the good factory jobs, literally exporting them overseas.  It meant that many of us had to get lower paying jobs, and we soon found that after paying rent and bills we were underwater financially.  The solution was to cut living expenses:  move out of the expensive apartment, get a storage unit, join a health club for showers, and live in a vehicle. There are many articles on about how to do this, with many more coming. We still work for a living, but have money to spend on what we want, not give it to some landlord for an overpriced roof over our heads.

I wish that everyone could get Skip’s book and read it.  The print is small to save printing costs, but the information is the best around.  As an added bonus, Skip spend several years compiling a fantastic bibliography of books on the subject that he has written about.  You can get most of these at your library, even if the library has to order them for you.  There is also, which has thousands of great videos on the subject of van, nomadic, or semi-nomadic living.

This book is ONLY available through for $15.00 plus shipping.