Aug 22

New Home For Hollywood Food Coalition

This Fall the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition Will Be Moving the Food Distribution to the Salvation Army !  Finally, Indoor Seating, Bathrooms, Dignity!

Salvation Army logoGreat News!  Sometime in late October or early November, the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition will be moving it’s operation to the Salvation Army building in Hollywood at 5939 Hollywood Blvd., near Bronson.  The Salvation Army has generously given the GWHFC the use of their kitchen and dining room.  Hooray!  Homeless folks and others who depend on the nightly hot meal can now have a place to sit down at a table in a clean environment and enjoy a nice meal and chat with friends, just like the rest of humanity.  The GWHFC will be in charge, thanks to the great folks at the Salvation Army Hollywood.

“The Line” at Sycamore and Romaine served a purpose for years, as it was the only place to serve food.  But it had its drawbacks: no seating, no tables, no bathrooms.  Just a dirty sidewalk to sit on.  It will be so nice to be indoors, out of the rain in the winter, in a place where you can wash up in a bathroom, and be treated like a human being.  So three cheers for the Salvation Army for inviting the Food Coalition to use their facility with no strings attached!  And three cheers for Sheri and the great folks at the GWHFC who work so hard every day of the week to provide food for the needy, seniors, homeless, and others!  This is a well-deserved move and one that will benefit all parties concerned.

uncle paulie