Aug 01

Ex-Marine Missing In Action

All That’s Left of Homeless Ex-Marine is his Sign and an Empty Shopping Cart

Photo by Uncle Paulie

Photo by Uncle Paulie

From the Halls of Montezuma

To the Cold Streets of L.A…………

 We fight our country’s battles
 In the air, on land, and sea;
 First to fight for right and freedom
 And to keep our honor clean;
 We are proud to claim the title
 Of United States Marine

Studio City – Gelson’s Market, August 1, 2016

Jan 11

Coconut Revolution – An Inspiring Documentary

How to Survive a Corporate Takeover of Your Land, an Invasion by a Vicious Military, an 8 Year Blockade of Your Island, No Food, No Medicine, No Electricity, and Still be Victorious

Watch the documentary below or click to go directly to youtube:

This revolution took place when huge mining company Rio Tinto opened a copper mine on the island of  Bougainville, part of Papua New Guinea.  The residents were pushed off their land, put into concentration camps, brutalized by security forces and deprived of any sort of basic human rights.  The corporation was later sued for war crimes and genocide in the United States, but the U.S. Supreme Court abandoned any sort of moral high ground that was left in America, and shredded the Alien Torts Act, under which indigenous people could seek justice from the criminal activities of multi-national corporations. The government then tried to starve out the residents by blockading the island for 8 years, depriving them of any food or medicine.  This documentary shows how the folks on the island fought back against overwhelming odds.


Nov 26

Free Clothing in West Hollywood

Annual Free Clothing Give-Away Sunday December 6, 2015

8:00 a.m. –  12:00 noon

Rain or Shine

National Council of Jewish Women Parking Lot

543 N. Fairfax Avenie

(1 block south of Melrose at Clinton)

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Thousands of pieces of clothing – all free

No Suitcases, Backpacks or Bags Allowed

They will provide bags for you.

For More Information 323-651-2930

Free Clothing

Nov 18

Create Overnight Parking Lots Now!

City of Los Angeles Should Act Quickly To Provide Overnight Parking For Folks Living in Vehicles (FLIVS)

Now that the City of Los Angeles is moving forward to tackle the massive issues of homelessness, they could do one thing quickly that does not cost a lot of money and would go a long way to help out those living in their vehicles.  Here are a few suggestions from the Gypsy Cool Council:

1.  Find parking lots where FLIVS (Folks Living In Vehicles) can park safely overnight

2.  The lots should have some kind of bathroom facilities, at least porta-potties.

3.  Rules and hours clearly posted.  Suggest start at 6pm with all FLIVS to be out of the lot by 9:00am.

4.  No drinking or illegal drug use allowed.  No loud or bad-behavior will be tolerated.

5.  Security to be on site for the protection of the vehicle’s occupants.

6.  This is to be a place of refuge, not a place for police to troll the lot to issue citations for minor vehicle violations, like expired license tags.  These people need help of all kinds.  They do not need to have their situation made worse by cops harassing them over minor vehicle issues.

7.  Possibly social service folks could at times be on hand to provide whatever services are possible.

8.  Information should be made available about local places to get free or low-cost food.

The City could contact other cities who have run such overnight lots to learn from them about the issues that have surfaced, like trash and other problems.  San Diego and Santa Barbara have run these types of facilities in the past.

Another thing that could be immediately done is to revise the “No Overnight Parking” signs that the Department of Public Works has put up all over town.  An example would be Riverside Drive, south of Griffith Park, where FLIVS and especially RVs used to park. The City has posted “No Parking from 2am – 5am” signs, eliminating the street for overnight FLIVS.  These signs should be taken down.  The street can be controlled from permanent camping by simply having 2 hour parking from 9:am to 6pm signs put up.  It is really cruel and discriminating to put up signs all over the city to keep poor folks, visitors, and vacationers from parking in those areas at night.  The signs should start coming down now.

Posted by Uncle Paulie

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Nov 18

Los Angeles Homeless Capitol of America

City of Los Angeles To Appoint  “Czar” To Coordinate All City Activities for Homeless

On November 17, 2015 the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution to create a position to oversee all the City’s activities and departments dealing with the massive homeless problem. The resolution passed unanimously.

Homeless Motion

As the American economy continues to collapse for the poor and middle class, more and more folks are forced into the streets or to living in their vehicles.  Rents in major cities like Los Angeles continue to escalate, leading to an increase in folks with no hope of even getting a cheap apartment, much less a house.  Meanwhile, the City continues to defy logic by allowing thousands of luxury apartments to be constructed and thousands of houses to be “mansionized”.  If there really is a drought, then why is the City promoting the wild out-of-control construction of thousands of more housing units for the wealthy?

This is America.  We Don’t Need a “Czar”

Many questions remain unanswered.  The City claims that new Federal regulations from the various  bureaucracies have to be addressed by new coordinating efforts of the various City departments dealing with homeless issues.  No one has yet been named as the new “Czar” of the homeless.  The term itself is somewhat demeaning, it conjures up references to a long-ago time when Russia was ruled by a Czar, an absolute autocrat eventually toppled by a popular revolution that led to the creation of the Soviet Empire. This is America.  We don’t need a “Czar” – which is language actually used in the Council’s official motion.  A Department Director would be fine.